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Try Not to Memorize

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One issue I have faced throughout my college career is really KNOWING something versus MEMORIZING something. Two super different concepts, with one being far superior to the other. Memorizing may get you an okay grade, however, when that final rolls around the memorization from mid-semester probably won’t still be there. If you take the time to learn it the first time around, going back to review could almost be fun!

Here are some key differences between memorization and acquiring knowledge.

1.Memorization: You learn something word for word and can repeat it as such.

Knowing: You understand the full definition but can express it in your own words.

2.Memorization: You do the same problem so many times, that you eventually memorize it.

Knowing: You learn the logic behind the problem and can apply it to other problems.

3.Memorization: Your understanding is very superificial. You can’t go into much detail.

Knowing: People can ask you questions about something and you feel confident in answering.

Some ways to expand learning versus memorizing is to allow yourself many different outlets of learning. Rereading your textbook and repeating the same problem isn’t going to help. You need to read different explanations and try different problems. I personally like buying the “Insert Subject Here” for Dummies books. They usually coincide nicely as a summary to the textbook and come with a slew of new problems to try. Sometimes this is a cheaper alternative than buying the solutions manual to your textbook.

Study hard friends. Finals are almost over!


Author: lukayla17

Junior Chemical Engineer Major! My interests include makeup, the 1950s, netflix, and cosmetic science.

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