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An Hour a Day Keeps the Failure Away

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So like every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I was awoken at 7:00 am by the lovely beeping of my alarm clock. I had to give up on my cell phone alarm because I sleep through it, but staying awake is another issue for another blog. At 8:00 am, I have organic chemistry. The normal reaction to an early class is some derivation of the following: “EW 8:00 am?!!!!! GROSS.” Before this semester, I felt the same, and still do sometimes.

Anyway. As I was in orgo today, my professor was talking to us about the tests we just got back. He recommended studying 1 hour every day for orgo. I was thinking to myself, “Yeah that’d be great, but tell me when I’m supposed to do that amid all my other classes.” Because honestly, if you think critically, I am in 5 major classes right now. So 1 hour a day for each of those is 5 hours a night. Let’s say on a lab day, when I’m done at 4:00 pm, I do this. That takes me until 9:00 pm, not accounting for food or texting breaks or the desire to have a life. Furthermore, any homework sets take at LEAST 2 hours. So if we combine the studying, homework, and breaks, that brings us to around midnight.

That doesn’t work for me. I am a girl who needs her 8 hours of sleep. So, how do I do this? Here is my proposition, and I am going to do it to the best of my ability until my next set of midterms and let you know if there has been a noticeable improvement.

I plan to do 2 hours of studying a day, with subjects corresponding to classes that I had that day. So on Mondays, I will dedicate an hour to organic chemistry and physical chemistry. Tuesdays/Thursdays, an hour to material balances and analytical methods. Wednesday, will be the exception, with 3 hours: orgo, pchem, and my history class.

As for weekends, I suppose I will try to do an hour each. So that results in around 3 hours per class a week. Doable definitely. Will it be a hard adjustment? Probably. But grades matter, so put in the work!


Author: lukayla17

Junior Chemical Engineer Major! My interests include makeup, the 1950s, netflix, and cosmetic science.

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