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For the entirety of my Sophomore year, my friends who were taking Organic Chemistry, also known as orgo, always complained about it. The class itself, but also the lab. They would all say “This lab is too much work for one credit.” or “You won’t know what hit you once you get your reports back.” So needless to say, this year when I walked into lab for the first time I was shaking in my boots.

My thoughts after being in it so far: does this lab require more than any lab I have taken previously? Yes. Is it stricter than my labs previously? Yes. Do I think that this is necessary? Yes. I do.

This lab, even though we’re barely half-way through the semester, has taught me a lot about proper lab procedure, new technology, and making the most efficient use of your time. Each week, you can bet your bonnet that some information or technology that you used in a previous week will pop up somewhere in the current week’s lab.

Sure, there is a pre-lab, write-up, and quiz due every week, and multiple tests throughout the semester, but for any science or lab job, this is going to be practical and useful information.

Nothing to complain about in my opinion. Have a good Wednesday! Guess which test I have tomorrow? Orgo lab!!



Author: lukayla17

Junior Chemical Engineer Major! My interests include makeup, the 1950s, netflix, and cosmetic science.

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