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Balancing 12 Nails on 1 Nail

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Last Friday for my Leadership Development we proudly had Mr. Trey Bianco as our guest speaker. Trey has a very unique personalty and his presentations are quote “like nothing I’ve seen before”. He is the CEO of the company called Smooth-on. For those of you who don’t know (I just learned two days ago), Smooth-on is the world’s best company in mold making and casting materials. Trey showed us a few slides on where smooth-on products were used in the movie industry, and guess what, smooth-on was used in pretty much all movies that I’ve seen. Even the fake snow that was on the Harry Potter houses in Universal Studio was made by smooth-on!

During his presentation, he provided the class with tons of demos to make me feel inspired and mostly importantly, think outside the box. One of the activities was to balance 12 nails on top of 1 single nail. It was quite an mind-blowing experience. At first I didn’t think it was possible to do that. But once I saw how’s done. It simply blowed my mind with the creativeness in the solution. And here’s picture of how you would do it! Next to it is the smooth-on rubber glass.

The rubber glass is what they use in the movie making business. It can be used as fake shattered glasses when there’s a car accident, etc.

One of the lessons that I learned from the presentation was that as a leader, you must be nice to your people and treat them like family. At smooth-on, every employee is treated nicely, the company looks after their employee by providing personal assistance, and making sure that they are able to deliver when they need to. This class has been an mind-opening experience, and it has added a lot of dimensions to my education at Lehigh. A lot of time engineering is all about balancing 12 nails on 1 nail, and finding solutions to things that seemed impossible.


Author: Jerry Jin

Hello, My name is Jerry Jin. I'm a senior at Lehigh University pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering. I'm from Allentown, PA, but I was born in Shanghai, China. I moved here when I was fourteen years old. I'm currently the secretary for Southeast Asia at Lehigh Club, and treasurer for SASE. I'm also on the Lehigh Ultimate Frisbee Team and I enjoy being spontaneous.

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