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Light Duty Vehicles Energy Outlook

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In my energy’s class, we examined some of the predictions made by ExxonMobil that looks into the future from 2015 to 2040. The World Energy Outlook allows us to see the changes in energy consumption in various industries and countries. The energy demand varies from country to country. For example, the Middle East has a abundance in oil and they don’t require as much energy because there aren’t as many people there. Therefore, they act in the role of the energy supplier of the world. While other countries like Japan that can’t produce enough of energy for its people due to limited resources, they had to trade in from other countries.

Cars are always a big topic in energy discussions due to the growing market of hybrid cars. Below is the graph showing predicted trend for different types of fuels that cars will use in 2040.
Ligh Duty Vehicles

As you can see, it was predicted that there will be an increase in hybrid cars as the year continues. The amount of Gasoline powered cars will maintain. However, the ratio of cars that is powered by gasoline in the total market of cars will decrease. The demand for natural gas and diesel maintains relatively constant through the years. California has always been progressive in investment in newer and cleaner energies. In fact, California has the largest world market in electric cars. There had been a large growth of hybrid car charging stations in California.


Author: Jerry Jin

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