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To Be Elle Woods Doesn’t Mean Being Blonde

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Based on some of my other blogs, you can assume I am a firm believer in female empowerment. During all this stress with finals, I decided to take a study break and watch one of my favorite movies: Legally Blonde. I had this gigantic epiphany that my sole aspiration for college is to be the Elle Woods of chemical engineering. Aside from the fact she is beautiful and intelligent, she is a strong, independent woman that sets goals and achieves them. As I pondered this, I realized everyone should aspire to be like Elle because there are a lot of empowering moments in the seemingly comedic movie.

Her boyfriend breaks up with her, so instead of letting her life come crashing down, she decides she’s going to win him back and ends up getting in to Harvard Law school. Is this realistic? I mean, no, probably not. Even still, how often do we let things like relationships, insecurities, and other people keep us from achieving our goals? We need to learn to be flexible and to use the things that happen to us as reasons to move forward, not things to hold us back.

23 Times Elle Woods Empowered You As A Woman

Not only does she get into Harvard, but she becomes the top of her class, gets a competitive internship, and finds a boyfriend. Whoever said you can’t have it all is seriously disturbed. All throughout her time there, she is dealing with constant adversity where people assume she’s too stupid and too blonde to succeed, but she knows her self-worth and didn’t let anyone bring her down.

23 Times Elle Woods Empowered You As A Woman

Honestly, she is girly, bubbly, and a killer lawyer. Without her unique knowledge of hair care, Brook would have gone to jail for killing her husband. Her perspective makes her unique, and gives her a competitive edge over other people. We should embrace the things that make us different because those differences can be our most valuable asset.

And finally, as her class-elected speaker, she left the Harvard Class of 2004 and all of us with a very important lesson:

23 Times Elle Woods Empowered You As A Woman

You might read this and think this is a silly comparison, but if you think about it, it’s really not. Everyone should constantly be working to achieve their goals, surround themselves with people who support them, prove to others, but more importantly themselves that you can do whatever you set your mind to, and you can be a genuine, nice person while doing it. Go ahead and mock her if you want, but Elle is a role model, and I would be thrilled to be that influential!


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