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Creativity in Engineering

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So in my usual engineering internet search, I saw the following article, “Embrace Engineering’s Creative Side to Fix Skills Crisis” by Judith Burns on BCC news. Now, not to say I said this first, but I totally did, circa one year ago when I started at Lehigh.

Creativity is a driving force of engineering, and as said in the aritcle “Engineering needs to emphasize its creative side to encourage more young people to take it up as a career.” The demand for engineers will only grow over time, and therefore academic institutions are going have to be able to supply those people!

I think there is a certain stigma that engineers can’t be creative as well as logical, but I feel like they fit together in a beautiful way. Colleges need to allow for more room for creativity. Having a multiple problem sets with only one correct answer may seem to stifle that, but that is all part of the learning experience. I think the creativity needs to come from the presentation of the material, the examples we see in class, and the applications of the principles that we learn. Being taught the information isn’t enough. We need to be able to see and understand its uses. With that understanding is where our personal creativity drives new inventions and innovations.

Every person, I believe, is creative in their own way. Let’s say Blair Waldolf from Gossip Girl and the Queen of England were both facing the same problem. Blair would most likely concoct and elaborate scheme and find a way to manipulate the situation, while the Queen would most likely approach it in a more diplomatic and upfront manner, with the well-being of her constituents in mind. Both come to a resolution, so who is to say which approach was more correct? My point is, no two people are ever going to come up with the exact same idea, so having a diverse group of people working together is one of the only true ways to foster innovate solutions.


Author: lukayla17

Junior Chemical Engineer Major! My interests include makeup, the 1950s, netflix, and cosmetic science.

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