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Final Exam Studying

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After just coming back from Thanksgiving break it feels odd that finals are happening after only one more week of classes. This week of classes will be filled with finishing up lessons and starting review sessions. The best way to plan for final exams is to first have the dates and times of the exams. I have three finals exams next week:

12/9/14 Chemistry 31

12/12/14 Calculus III

12/13/14 Physics 21

12/15/14 Chemical Engineering 31

Next I made a schedule including all the review times and office hours of my professors. I made sure to include hours that I am going to study and hours for taking a break. I for one can never spend long hours just looking at the material I have to stop at some points.  I also made plans of course for sleeping a minimum of 6 hours.  For most of my studying it helps for me to have coffee which I plan on drinking a lot of. I wish everyone good luck on there finals.




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