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Things have been moving pretty fast lately. I have been busy with doing school work such as finishing homework, preparing for midterms, and making progress on Senior Design Project. My group and I have just finished presenting for the second and last time this semester (phew). It had a good turn out in my opinion since we all worked so hard the night before and many other nights before too. It feels great to get that over with and move on to the next episode.

It has also just occurred to me that there’s 8 more days of school left. One more day this week, two more days next week, three schools days off for Thanksgiving break (can’t wait), and a full 5 day week coming back from break to conclude the school year on Dec. 5th. Tomorrow I’ll have a exciting Physical Chemistry Midterm, in which I’m going to start studying for after this post. And then… …drum roll please… … we dive right into Le-Laf weekend! In case you didn’t know, Lehigh will be playing Lafayette for the 150th time, as part of the “The Rivalry”. Lehigh-Lafayette is the most played rivalry and to honor the 150th meeting, this time it’s going to be played at Yankee Stadium in NYC. So it’s likely that things are going to get a little crazy and people are going to have a lot of fun. I’m actually heading to the city Friday evening and stay over Friday night. Coming back from Le-Laf weekend awaits me on Monday the 2nd Process Control quiz. So hopefully I have time to study for that as I try to complete homework which is also due on Monday. It should take me a few hours to complete the homework, and another few hours to study for the quiz. It’s definitely doable as long as I’m not too tired coming back from Le-Laf Saturday night. Definitely more doable after a few cups of coffee. One magical thing about coffee is that it makes things more doable. Anyway on Tuesday, there’ll be a take-home Polymer Science Midterm due. Once that’s complete, I’ll finally be ready for my Thanksgiving break. I’m going home for Thanksgiving break to spend some time with my family, and also maybe catch up on some sleep and yummy home food.

Lastly a motivational quote to share with all of you out there who might find this helpful.


Author: Jerry Jin

Hello, My name is Jerry Jin. I'm a senior at Lehigh University pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering. I'm from Allentown, PA, but I was born in Shanghai, China. I moved here when I was fourteen years old. I'm currently the secretary for Southeast Asia at Lehigh Club, and treasurer for SASE. I'm also on the Lehigh Ultimate Frisbee Team and I enjoy being spontaneous.

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