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ChemE 31 Second Exam Studying

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The second of three quizzes for ChemE is this week. It covers chapters 5 and 6 of the textbook which is based on a lot of chemical concepts. For chapter five it mainly dealt with the ideal gas law, vapor pressure, and Rauolt’s law. Rauolts law connects the vapor pressure of a gas with the mole fraction of the substance in the liquid phase. Chapter 6 revolved a lot around using charts and graphs to find parts of a system.  One of the homework questions involved the the vapor pressure of water at a given temperature. This could be found in chart at the back of the book which lists all of the vapor pressures of water at specific temperatures. Parts of questions from chapter 6 involve phase diagrams which give the percent of moles a substance has at a specific temperature. One question may say that the a liquid started at 200 C and then goes to 130 C and says that a mass has formed along with residue liquid. Using the phase diagram the percent of solid can be found off of it. The best way to study for this quiz is to go over all of the homework questions from chapters 5 and 6. The last  quiz had a lot based on the homework. Both the professor and the teachers assistants have review session that can be very helpful in going over difficult questions. Practice makes perfect especially for this exam.



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