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You Know I’m All About that Chemical Engineering

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While Meghan Trainor is all about that bass, you know I am all about that chemical engineering. In a major such as this, your schedule is pretty strict, as in, there are a large number of classes you are required to take. But even within that, throughout the four years, you will have over 30 credits out of the 128-134 you will receive for other classes of interest. You could even pursue a minor!

Some non-engineering classes I have taken so far include Psychology 001 (4 credits), Economics 001 (4 credits), English (011), and Journalism 001 (1 credit). These classes have been some of my favorites for the pure reason that they provide me with an opportunity to think differently than I do in my math or science classes. Sure, I may never need to know the parts of the brain and what functions they serve, but it is fascinating to know how people respond to positive and negative feedback. And sure I may never need to draw a supply and demand graph, but it is nice to know about inflation and its affect on the economy. And I know for a fact I will not ever need to remember anything about Ireland during the age of British Imperialism (the topic of my English class), but I am glad I learned how to express my thoughts more thoroughly in writing. Finally, I may never write an article for any newspaper, but is beneficial to know how to conduct interviews and think on my feet. In my humble opinion, I believe that having these classes is essential to the college experience. Even if you don’t love every one you take, you are still exposed to a wealth of new knowledge and a new discipline of study. Not only does it give you an appreciation for people pursuing other majors, but it also gives you valuable skills you may need later in life!

Personally, I will be applying for a business minor this semester. If I am accepted into that program, my elective credits will be pretty sparse, but business is a very large interest of mine. I highly encourage every student to look into minors. Not only do they give you a competitive edge by offering you knowledge in desirable areas that compliment your major, but they also allow you to pursue more than one interest. In my case, having a business minor will help with my goal of creating my own makeup line. The chemical engineering degree will give me the knowledge required to create the chemical makeup of the cosmetics, but the business minor will help to make the company a success. Aside from that, minors can be fun! If you love music or are artistically inclined (unlike myself), develop that further! You never know what possibilities could come from perfecting your craft!

I guess what I am ultimately trying to express is the following. Do not limit yourself to your major. Be open to the possibility that every class you take, club you join, or event you attend will have a significant impact on your college experience and your future! Who knows, that one economics class could have you switching from the engineering school to the business school! I have to remind myself of this frequently, especially because I have been set on chemical engineering for years, but you are at this university to discover who you are and who you are meant to be. The scary yet amazing thing is that you might not have discovered that yet, even if you think you do. Take advantage of all of the opportunities around you, because if you let them, each one will impact you in unforeseeable ways!


Author: lukayla17

Junior Chemical Engineer Major! My interests include makeup, the 1950s, netflix, and cosmetic science.

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