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Chemical Engineering Homework

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For Chemical Engineering 31 I receive homework that is due every week. The Chemical Engineering homework involves no more than 5 questions from the textbook. To start a chemical engineering question the professor advises us to draw a flow chart representing the system. Then I would label the given flow rates and mole fractions. I would then use variables for the unknowns. Most Questions ask about finding the Degree of Freedom Analysis. A Degree of Freedom is proving that a systems unknowns can be solved with the given information. A degree of freedom is done by taking the unknown variable and subtracting them by the known variables, the number of balances that can be made, and the special relations that are given. If the degree of freedom is a number greater then 0 then there is not enough information available to solve it. After having the degree of freedom balances are set up to find the unknowns. The main formula used in this part is input equals output. The values found being input into the equation are set equal to the values of the output. The key point is to find the missing unknown variable in the balances. Many of the questions asked involve solving for a missing variable to find a flow rate. Some questions also include a recycle which adds a new layer to the problem. The Chemical Engineering homework has been different then other homework I have got in the past and I have had to learn how to do this in a specific order.


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