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Fall 2014 Schedule

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Hi all! My name is Yong (Jerry) and I’m a senior Chemical Engineering major looking to graduate in May 2015. We’re at the end of Week 4 of the Fall 2014 semester, and I think it’s a good idea to start by telling you about what my schedule looks like for this semester. As a senior ChE student, I still have a lot of classes to take. A lot of them are the elective requirements I have fulfill for the ChE curriculum. I have decided to spread them evenly between Fall 2014 and Spring 2015. So this semester I’m taking all the required senior level class, as well as a Bio-elective and a Chemistry 300 level elective. Here’s what my schedule looks like!

Fall schedule

Senior Level Required Classes:

ChE 242: Introduction to Process Control and Simulation. It is taught by Prof. Kothare

ChE 233: Process Design I. It is taught by Prof. Silebi

ChE 202: Chemical Engineering Lab I. The lab is taught by Prof. Gilchrist, and the recitation is taught by Prof. Tuzla


ChE 341: Biotechnology I. It counts as my bio elective, and it is taught by Prof. Hsu

ChM 393: Physical Polymer Science. It counts towards my Chemistry 300 level class, and it is taught by Prof. Pearson

Additionally, I’m taking Chm 341, which is Physical Chemistry. Most ChemEs take it in junior year, but because of Co-op I have to take it in my senior because it’s only offered in the fall and I was away doing Co-op last fall. For more information on Co-op you can read my older post. I’ll try to insert a link here later.


Author: Jerry Jin

Hello, My name is Jerry Jin. I'm a senior at Lehigh University pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering. I'm from Allentown, PA, but I was born in Shanghai, China. I moved here when I was fourteen years old. I'm currently the secretary for Southeast Asia at Lehigh Club, and treasurer for SASE. I'm also on the Lehigh Ultimate Frisbee Team and I enjoy being spontaneous.

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