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Starting Chemical Engineering Class

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This year I can finally start working on more major specific classes for Chemical Engineering. My schedule for this semester looks like this

  • Chemical Engineering 31
  • Chemistry 31 with Lab
  • Physics 21 with Lab
  • Calculus III

The Chemistry and Physics are the next level courses from freshman year classes both with labs. Calculus III will be my last calculus class before linear methods. The three classes are just continuations from classes from freshman year now I can finally take my first Chemical Engineering Class. This would be my first time taking a specific engineering course whereas my freshman year engineering courses were Engineering 5 which showed off each individual and Engineering 10 which taught MATLAB programming. They are all required classes for engineers. The engineering 5 class was actually my first real experience however being in a chemical engineering lab up at mountaintop campus. There I tested plastic wraps to see which was the toughest brand. My first chemical engineering lab is what made me look into the major more and see what chemical engineers do. From there I meet and talked with other chemical engineering students. I even signed up and went to the Chemical engineers meeting. For my first semester I have Chemical Engineering 31 with Professor McHugh who also is my adviser. For the first three weeks of classes I learned about systems, basic engineering calculations, and degrees of freedom. Most of the homework problems done so far involve drawing out a system and having the  input values equal the output values. The class so far has been enjoyable and I am beginning to learn the basics of engineering.


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