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Hello all, it’s time to update you on my finals week progression. For this semester I only have two finals, one being Mass Transfer and the other being Reactor Design. Fortunately, both of them were pretty spread out. I was able to have time to study for both of exam without having to worry too much about the time crunch. However, the finals for both exams comprises 40% of your final grade. That’s right, 40%. So it’s either make it or break it. For Mass Transfer I had three midterms, in which I did fine for except one of them. So this final really determines my fate in that class. I took the Mass Transfer Exam last Friday and came out feeling stupefied. I didn’t have enough time to solve all of the problems! I spent too much on one part of the problem in which I did mostly wrong. I think I did a good enough job throughout the course that I’ll pass. As you know, Mass Transfer is not offered in the summer at Lehigh and it’s a prerequisite to all of the higher level Chemical Engineering courses. Therefore, anyone who did not pass or get at lease a C- in this class would mean that they would either have to stay an extra year or possibly find another school that offers Mass Transfer in the summer.

I got three days between my Mass Transfer and Reactor Design exam, which is pretty sweet because I’ll have the time to look over material for reactor design. However, I have a 15 page essay dew two days before the Reactor Design final. I spent quite a lot of time finishing that. I ended up pulling an all nighter to finish my essay. When I got out of the library it was 7am and it was bright outside. The birds were singing and it was a sunny day. I crashed on my bed and didn’t wake up til mid afternoon. I felt refreshed and begin my study for Reactor Design Final along with the rest of kids in a packed library. When I get tired late at night I usually go to Saxbys for coffee. For those of you not familiar with saxbys, it’s a coffee shop right across from the bookstore. It’s super close and convenient. So I have been drinking lots of coffee; I don’t think I’ve ever drank this much coffee before.

The Reactor Design final is tomorrow at 8am. It’s going to be a lot different from the Mass Transfer final because this one is a lot of thinking and explaining, while the Mass Transfer final was lot of calculation and math. Reactor Design class requires tremendous amount of understanding of the material. In order to do well, you also have to be able to integrate the knowledge together in evaluating a problem. This is essentially what’s going to happen on my final; the professor is going to throw me overarching questions and expect me to weave the scattering knowledge together. The exam shouldn’t be too bad once you have a decent understanding of the course. After I took care of the final for Reactor Design, I’m going to have one last thing to do before peace out at Lehigh for my junior year. I just remembered that I have the Physical Chemistry Lab report due on May 7th. Once that’s completed I’ll finally able to go home.

I’m going to go study some more now. Below is a fun video of how to survive the finals. Enjoy.


Author: Jerry Jin

Hello, My name is Jerry Jin. I'm a senior at Lehigh University pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering. I'm from Allentown, PA, but I was born in Shanghai, China. I moved here when I was fourteen years old. I'm currently the secretary for Southeast Asia at Lehigh Club, and treasurer for SASE. I'm also on the Lehigh Ultimate Frisbee Team and I enjoy being spontaneous.

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