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Hi all! My name is Gorgi Pavlov and I am currently a senior at Lehigh. Through the chemical engineering department, they are a lot of opportunities, such as the Co-op program, the OSI class and lots of international opportunities. This past summer, I had an unique possibility to go to Shanghai, China and work for 3M. It was a very exciting opportunity, where I got a lot of practical hands-on experience while immersing myself in the Chinese culture. I worked for the Purification division at 3M, which manufactures filters for home and industry use. I was working on research and development for their life sciences segment, which is a rapidly expanding market in China. Most of my work there was focused on biotechnology, which is an exciting area of research in Chemical engineering. I learned a lot about the field, and especially our work in downstream separation. In fact, Lehigh offers a biotechnology minor as a part of the Chemical engineering program, but I’ll cover that in another post. One of the things that I got a lot of experience in was how to grow and analyze bacterial cultures, and how their products are affected by impurities. Image

We also did a lot of analysis on flow through the filters and how that affects the overall performance in purifying the product. Since most of our work was centered towards validating the filters, we had to make absolutely sure that they operated perfectly under any operating condition. At the end of the day, it was a very exciting opportunity that allowed me to learn a lot about the culture, the company and China in general. Its great to see how the skills that I acquired there translate to some of my classes here at Lehigh, especially within the BIotechnology minor and the Unit Operations class.


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