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My name is Ben Dunmire and I am a sophomore Chemical Engineer at Lehigh University. I grew up in a suburb of Harrisburg, PA, which is roughly one and a half hours from campus. Besides studying, I am the co-president of the Club Baseball team and a member of AIChE (Lehigh’s Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers). I also enjoy the outdoors and any athletic activities.

Arriving at Lehigh as a first-year student, I was leaning toward declaring ChemE because of how much I enjoyed and understood physics and chemistry in high school. As I learned more about the ChemE program at Lehigh and talked to older students in the major, I knew it was perfect for me. It promised to be challenging while also opening pathways to explore science and technology. The deciding factor for me to become a ChemE was the plethora of career fields that accompanies the major. There is the option to further ones education in graduate or medical school, or enter industry focusing on energy, food, or pharmaceuticals among many other options. I feel I will be able to test out many different options before choosing the one I find most intriguing. One of the most fascinating attributes of Chemical Engineering is how it can be utilized in so many different applications and is relevant in an eclectic assortment of industries and career paths.

For the remainder of the school year, I will be documenting my Chemical Engineering experiences on this blog so others can see how the department functions at Lehigh and vicariously live the life of a sophomore ChemE. Communication is one of the keys to being a successful engineer, so my hope is that this blog helps people understand what Chemical Engineering is all about and inspires them to apply principles taught in ChemE to real world issues. If you have any questions or want to share something interesting, feel free to contact me at


Author: Ben Dunmire

I am a sophomore Chemical Engineering major at Lehigh. On campus, I am the president of Club Baseball and a member of AIChE and NSCS. Outside of school, I enjoy the outdoors, fishing, and any type of athletic activity. You can reach me at

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