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Summer 2013 Schedule

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This past week was registration for Summer 2013 session and Fall 2013 Semester. I will be away for a Co-op in the fall, so I will be at Lehigh all summer taking summer classes. Therefore, I didn’t have to wake up early and deal with the stresses that come with normal registration. Summer classes are split into two sessions with the first session May 21-June 27 and the second session July 8-August 13. Above are my two schedules for the summer. In the first session, I will be taking Methods and Bio Core I. In the second session, I will be taking an Engineering writing seminar, Heat Transfer and Child Development. Although my classes will be condensed and move a lot quicker, there are no classes Friday in the summer! In addition, most students only take 2-3 classes per session. All Co-op students will be at Lehigh in the summer for classes, which will be nice so we can all work together on our work and go do things to try and enjoy our summer.


Author: luniki15

Hi! I'm Nicolette Drescher. I am from York, Pennsylvania which is 2 hours west of Lehigh. I am majoring in Chemical Engineering. On campus, I am involved in various organizations. I am co-chair of the mission committee for the club Colleges Against Cancer. I am in Phi Sigma Pi, a national honor fraternity. I am also a member of the Society of Women Engineers, American Women's Medical Association and the Asian Cultural Society. I also just joined the Lehigh University Medical Services club as a certified PA EMT.

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