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Giving Back – Phi Sigma Pi

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Last Saturday, the National Honors Fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi, that I am a part of took the time to give back. The Fraternity is comprised of three parts, Leadership, Scholarship and Fellowship. Each semester, the fraternity participates in different events that cover these three aspects of the club. Last weekend, we went to Build-a-Bear to make bears to give to children at St. Luke’s Hospital. I was especially excited for this event because I had never been to build a bear, and I knew that giving the bears to the kids at the hospital would make their days. When we got to Build-a-Bear, we were treated as if we were a party of little kids. They had us making silly noises and playing games. There were about 30 of us, so it was a little chaotic. We got to pick which bear we wanted to make and added ribbons to make the bear either a girl or boy. Even though some people think that stuffed animals are only for little kids, by the end, we all wanted to keep our bears, but we knew that the kids at the hospital would enjoy them so much more. After the bears were made, we headed over to St. Luke’s Hospital’s Pediatric center. When we got there, we had to all cram into a tiny room while trying to remain quiet so that we didn’t disturb any of the kids. Finally, we split up into groups and were allowed to go room to room and give the kids the bears. When I went to a room and asked the little boy if he wanted a teddy bear, his eyes lit up and he smiled real big and said, “Oh my gosh! Yes! I want a teddy bear.” His face was priceless and something I will never forget. It’s really nice to have the opportunity at Lehigh to participate in clubs that give back to the community like Phi Sigma Pi. I had so much fun and giving back was so rewarding.


Author: luniki15

Hi! I'm Nicolette Drescher. I am from York, Pennsylvania which is 2 hours west of Lehigh. I am majoring in Chemical Engineering. On campus, I am involved in various organizations. I am co-chair of the mission committee for the club Colleges Against Cancer. I am in Phi Sigma Pi, a national honor fraternity. I am also a member of the Society of Women Engineers, American Women's Medical Association and the Asian Cultural Society. I also just joined the Lehigh University Medical Services club as a certified PA EMT.

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