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Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics

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Thermodynamic and Fluid Mechanics are two Chemical Engineering classes I am taking this semester, and both classes involves many hours of work outside of classtime. Both classes consist of 75 minute lectures twice a week, and a 50 minute recitation all taught by the professors. Since the classes are very difficult, there are also additional office hours taught by the TAs and the professors for any questions we have both. For fluid, we have 3 undergraduate TAs who hold weekly office hours to help us with homework problems. For thermo, we also have homework help session every wednesday and additional office hours on Mondays. Although these two classes have a lot of homework, we have many resources to get help.

It is only the second week of class, and I already spent hours on my ChE homework problems. Our professors told us that each problem will take approximately an hour. We usually get around 10 problems for fluid and 10 problems for thermo, so that is a total of 20 problems a week. Although the homework is very time consuming, it is the only way to learn the materials. Doing the homework will definitely help us on exams.Tomorrow, we will have our first Fluid Mechanics quiz, and hopefully, I can do well on it after spending many hours on the homework.


Author: luolivia15

Hello everyone! My name is Olivia Yang, and I am a Senior this year. I am a chemical engineering major in the Integrated Business and Engineering Honors program. I am the founder and the President of the Lehigh Chapter of Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE at Lehigh). I want to share with you my experiences working with SASE at Lehigh, and my role as an IBE chemical engineering student. If you have any questions regarding chemical engineering, SASE, or IBE, feel free to contact me.

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