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Homework Already?

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After my first day of my 3 engineering classes, I already had homework. My engineering classes include Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Chemical Engineering Professional Development. These classes will definitely be more difficult than my classes last semester, but I feel prepared to face these challenging classes. The professors of these classes started off the classes by saying that we will need to use what we learned in ChE 31 (Material Balances) in our Chemical Engineering classes this semester as well. They told us that everything we learn from here on out we will carry with us to the classes that follow classes from the previous semesters. After taking ChE 31, we not only learned the material from the class, but we also learned how to study, take tests, problem solve and approach difficult classes. I felt a lot more relaxed walking into my new engineering classes this semester than last semester. It really helps to take each class day by day and not to let the classes overwhelm you.

In Thermodynamics, we received an email the day after our first class stating that we already had homework due the next day. However, the professor has an extra class Wednesday nights from 5:30-7pm to help us with our homework. In addition, it is extremely important to work with others in your class to bounce ideas off of each other and collaborate. You end up becoming close to the other ChE’s because we have a lot of classes together.

In Fluid Mechanics, we had a reading assignment before our first lecture. In addition, we have a homework assignment due every week along with a quiz. Our professor, Professor Tuzla, is the head of the Chemical Engineering. It’s nice having a familiar face as our professor because we can go to him for help or advice and it’s somebody we already know.

I’m almost done with my third week of classes for Spring semester, and I am getting a routine down for homework and reading. It all seemed like a lot at first, but it is definitely manageable, and there are always people around to help.


Author: luniki15

Hi! I'm Nicolette Drescher. I am from York, Pennsylvania which is 2 hours west of Lehigh. I am majoring in Chemical Engineering. On campus, I am involved in various organizations. I am co-chair of the mission committee for the club Colleges Against Cancer. I am in Phi Sigma Pi, a national honor fraternity. I am also a member of the Society of Women Engineers, American Women's Medical Association and the Asian Cultural Society. I also just joined the Lehigh University Medical Services club as a certified PA EMT.

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