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Registration is Coming up!

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I can’t believe next week is time for registration. I don’t have too much trouble figuring what classes I am going to take next semester because all of my classes are required for either Chemical Engineering or IBE. This is my schedule for next semester:

I am taking a total of 19 credits.
The classes I am taking are:

1. Principle of Electrical Engineering

2. Money and Banking

3. Organic Chemistry

4. Thermodynamics

5. Fluid Mechanic

5. IBE Seminar


Author: luolivia15

Hello everyone! My name is Olivia Yang, and I am a Senior this year. I am a chemical engineering major in the Integrated Business and Engineering Honors program. I am the founder and the President of the Lehigh Chapter of Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE at Lehigh). I want to share with you my experiences working with SASE at Lehigh, and my role as an IBE chemical engineering student. If you have any questions regarding chemical engineering, SASE, or IBE, feel free to contact me.

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